United Families for Life

Pledges to commit to your family

By Families For Life      4 August 2020

One people, one nation, one Singapore / that’s the way we will be and forever more.

Over the course of a few months, this song is ringing loud and true in the hearts of Singaporeans. With this year’s National Day celebrations being a homely affair where our nation’s favourite parade is being streamed over live television and online; you and your family will still be able to celebrate and support the nation in your own way!

Show your support through “Our Heart for Singapore” project, where Singaporeans are inspired to give their pledges to commit to staying united, helping others in need, taking charge of their own active learning, and building a sustainable future together. A Singapore that advances together will build a better future for all.

For families looking for an inspiring pledge to show their belief and strength as a unit, commit to a Families for Life pledge to show your support for stronger families and communities.Their available pledges are meant to bond families tighter as a unit, as well as forming a kinder society. Here are the 3 pledges they have available for you and your family:


One of Families for Life’s oldest pledges, look towards spending more time with your family with their #IChooseFamilyTime events held annually; such as Families for Life Celebrations (FFLC). FFLC provides an annual platform for families, both immediate and extended, to spend quality time together through exciting activities fit for the whole family. Stay updated with their latest online events to spend meaningful time together as a family once you have made your pledge.


As everyone is doing their best to stay indoors to keep Singapore safe, families are thrown into the situation of spending more time together within a confined space for a prolonged duration. Keep your home safe with open communication to ease tensions that may surface and remain calm in the face of stressful situations. Look towards Family for Life webinars under their suite of Family Life Education programmes – Family365, for tips to enrich and strengthen your family life.


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